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Note: We now offer Stripe as the Payments Account for all new clubs. If you are a new club, please visit our article on Stripe to connect your Stripe Payments Account.
Existing club looking to make the switch? Read all about it here.

WePay, a JP Morgan Chase Company, is one of the payment systems for events on Universal Tennis. (This is only required of event providers.)

Note:  When setting up your WePay account, if you are a part of a club, we recommend using the club's banking information, rather than your own personal information. If you're an independent event provider, you can use your personal banking information. 

Step 1: Continue to your club page (as a premium club) or create your first event (as a Universal Tennis Event Provider). 

Step 2: On your club or provider page, click the more options button and click 'Events Payment Account' to be guided through creating your WePay login 

Step 3: Once you're done, head over to and log in to complete the WePay setup process. You'll need to know several things, including:

  • Social Security Number of the individual creating the WePay account or Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) of the business
  • Business type, name, website, description, address, and phone number
  • Personal details about the WePay admin/business controller. Even if you are acting on behalf of an entity with an EIN, WePay requires the SSN of you (or your controller/person in charge) so they can verify who you are and that you are authorized to act on behalf of the entity.
  • Information about individual ownership
  • Business banking information (bank name, account number, routing number)
  • Your preferred withdrawal schedule

Great! Your WePay account is now connected to your club or provider page.

Are you seeing a different screen like this? No worries!

 Click the Settings gear icon.

Then click the Link your bank account button to enter your bank and personal information.

Once you're done, head back to your club or provider page, click the more options button and click 'Events Payment Account' and enter the login information you created. All done!

Ready to move on? Go to Create an Event.

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