Manage your Event

Once your event has been created, you can view the event homepage, manage and export your player list, message players, extend registration, or edit your event information. Here's a quick video describing these steps, but if you prefer to read about them instead, just skip to the sections below!

Withdrawing and Refunding Players

By going to your event page and clicking on the “Players” tab, you can view all the players registered for your event, as well as withdraw and/or refund players as needed. Click the three dots next to a player's payment status for a dropdown menu from which you can withdraw the player or refund entry fees:

Once you click “Withdraw”, you'll have the option to withdraw with or without refunding the player:

Refunds include both the Tournament Director’s and UTR’s split, as well as the payment processing fees. Note that withdrawing a player will remove them from all divisions for which they were registered (ex. singles and doubles). They can then re-register afterward if they would only like to play in one division.  Click here for more details on withdrawing and refunding players.

Determining Which Player Registered and Paid for Doubles Teams

In doubles, when you've set registration to be completed as teams, rather than individually, you can check to see which partner registered and paid for the event by clicking the "Players" tab on your event page. Then, choose your doubles division from the dropdown (if there's more than one division).  You'll see the list of teams currently registered, and the player listed first (at the top of each team card) is the one who registered and paid for the team. For example, Luna and Roxy registered and paid for their teams here:

So, if you were to refund these two teams, Luna and Roxy would receive money back, because Ron and Cho didn't pay. 

Add an Attachment

You can add attachments (such as a health & safety waiver, fact sheet, or order of play) to your event for player reference at any time. To add an attachment to an event page, click on the "+ Add Attachment":

You can then note whether the attachment type is the Fact Sheet, Order of Play, or Other, update the Title of the attachment, and click the green "Select File" to choose the file from your computer. Once you have chosen the file, click the green "Add" button:

The attachment will now appear on your event page under the "Health and Safety" section on the Overview page!

Download/Export Player List

From your event page, you can export your player list as a sortable spreadsheet that includes player contact information, UTR information, as well as any additional questions you asked players to answer during registration. You can also use this list to view registration times, which is helpful when adding players to a waitlist. To download your player list, click "Export Players":

Message Players (Premium Clubs Only)

As an organizer, you can message all the players in your event at once. This allows you to keep players updated with any tournament information they need to know. Message your players when there are major changes to the event, draws are posted, or to update players during the event. To send a message, click "Message Players" on your event homepage:

Hint: When you use the Message Players tool, the players are able to receive a message but they can't respond to messages sent this way. If you want a response from players, the best option is to Download/Export your Player List and message your players through e-mail. 

Editing Event Details and Re-Opening Registration

If at any time you'd like to edit any part of the event, you can do so by clicking "Edit Event" and selecting which step you'd like to change:

If you'd ever like to re-open registration, you can do so by changing the registration end-date to a future date by following these steps:

1. Click the "Edit Event" button on the event page and select "Step 2: Schedule."

2. Edit the registration dates to open registration and save your changes.

3. Once all the players have registered, click the "Edit Event" button on the event page once again, go back to "Step 2: Schedule," and adjust the registration dates to close registration. 

Hint: If you'd only like to open registration for specific players, add a PIN to your event and only share it with those players.

Event Permissions

Organizers are now able to create different types of events based on who they would like to have participate. 

When you are creating the event, you can now set the event with different "Event Permissions" such as; Public, Private - Members Only, and Private - with Link. 

In Step 3: Details of the event creation process, midway through the page you have the ability to change the "Event Permissions."

Below are details about each of the three event permission choices.

A) Public - Open to all players to search and register for. These events will appear in the main search for events, as well as filtered events. If you would like to run an open event for all players, this is the right choice for you!

B) Private - Members Only - Only those who are members on your organization page will be able to register for the events. These events will not be searchable on the main event search but will be listed on your organization's events tab.

Those who are not members of your organization will be able to see the events on your organization's page and can request to join.

Use this option when you want to host a private event for your members to give them an added benefit non-members do not have!

C) Private - with Link- Only those who have the direct link are able to search and register for these events. Use this when you are hosting a small event for only a particular group of players. These can be things such as invite-only, private camps/clinics, or pop-up match play events. Note that these events will not appear in the event search, but will always show on your organization page.

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