Printing Your Draws

You can print your draws from your event's homepage or from the create/edit draws page. We'll go over both options, below.

I. Printing Your Draws from the Event Homepage

Toward the bottom right side of your event's homepage, from the Draws tab, you'll see a button to Print your draws: 

Anyone viewing the event while signed in to their account can click this button and it will open up the Print View of the published draws. If more than one draw has been published, you can select which you'd like to print by clicking the small arrow next to the drawing name and choosing from the drop-down menu that appears: 

When the draw you'd like to print is showing on your screen, simply hit ctrl+p (or ⌘+p if you're on a Mac) on your keyboard and send it to your printer or save it as a PDF.

II. Printing Your Draws from the Create/Edit Draws Page

As an Organizer, you can also print the published draws from the create/edit draws page.  Just click Print, found in the upper left-hand part of your screen, next to the draw name:

This will open up the Print View (covered more fully above in Section I), where you can select among your published draws and print them or save to PDF at your convenience. Note that in order for the times and date of the match to appear on the Print View, the draws must first be published.

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