Saved School List

What is a Saved School List? 
Great question! A Saved School List allows you to create lists of schools you want to track or follow on

Hint: This feature is available for Power Players, interested in learning more? Click here.

To access your Saved Schools List, first make sure you log into your account and have activated your player profile (Click here for help activating your player profile). Next, click the Main Menu button that looks like a green tennis ball at the top right corner of the Universal Tennis page. Click Saved Schools. You are now on your Saved Schools page:

From here you have the option to create a Saved Schools List or access an already created Saved Schools List. To create a new list click the green + in the left-hand corner of the page, this will open up a Create List screen, you can name your list anything you’d like and then click Save.

To access your Saved Schools Lists, click on the grey arrow and a dropdown with your previously created lists will be accessible. 

Hint: If you want to delete a list, click on the grey x next to the list. 

To add a school to any of your lists, type the school's name into the Add School bar and school names will populate, click on the correct school name and have that school added to your School List!

Schools in your list are automatically sorted by alphabetical order. You are able to sort a school by highest to lowest or lowest to highest Power 6 (P6), Division (Div), or Conference (Conf) by clicking on the grey arrow next to each abbreviated term:

Hint: The ability to sort schools by their Power 6, Division, or Conference is only available right now on laptop/desktop. 

If you want to view the school homepage of one of your saved schools, click on the name of the school in your list and you will be automatically taken to the school homepage.

Awesome job, you’ve now mastered using our Saved Schools feature! 

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