Hosting Camps with UTR College

Thinking about hosting a camp on campus? Create a camp event for players to register on your UTR College page!

By hosting your camps on UTR you can:

1. Build your college community with followers
2. Group players more easily for camp and give every camper a UTR
3. Post scores from camp

Let's get started!

From your school's page, click the "Create Event" button.

You'll be led through 3 Steps to complete before you'll be able to Publish your tournament, making it viewable by anyone:

Let's review a few important details to have your camp created successfully.

Step 1: The Basics

Select "Camp" for "What type of event you are creating?" 

Tip: Camps typically are best as a UTR event, rather than being a Verified UTR event.

Select "No" for "Is this a Verified UTR Event?". If you would like to make it verified, it will need to follow the verified rules listed here (preview below).

Create a one singles division titled "Camp Registration" to have all campers register individually under one division, as seen in the photo below. If there is a fee associated with your camp, make sure you have set up your WePay account.

Tip: If you would like registration to end once the maximum players have been reached, turn the waitlist off by toggling the waitlist switch to the left (displayed on in the photo above).

Step 2: Setup the Schedule

Here, you can select specific dates and times for registration and for the camp itself. If you ever need to re-open registration after you've closed it, you can do so by following the steps outlined here.

Step 3: Add the Details

In the event details section, make sure to highlight any information potential campers would like to know such as a daily camp schedule, potential matches that will count towards UTR, and camp awards. The more excitement you can create, the better! 

Tip: Make sure to have on "Players become club members" so that you can continue to build your community for future events and in-season activity!

Once you have completed the three steps! Click "Publish" to have players start registering!

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