Create an Event - Step 1: Format


The first step when creating an event is selecting the event's format. Your format options are Tournament (round-robin, compass draw, traditional formats, ad-hoc) or Match Play.

Here's a quick video describing your options:

If you're unsure of what format you'd like to run, no worries, you can just select "Tournament" for now, and then update the match format later (if you want to) when you're creating your draws.


Once you've selected your format, you'll have to decide whether you'd like this to be a verified event.

Tip: You cannot change your event's verified status once it has registrants, so if you want your event to be verified, please make sure to set the Verification Toggle as shown below before anyone has registered!

As a reminder, to run verified events, you'll need a Pro Club Subscription.  You'll also have to follow the UTR Verified Club and Event Rules.  Here are a few, which you'll also see when setting up your event if you choose verified:


Now, you're ready to create your registration divisions.  When setting up divisions for your event, it's usually best to keep them broad, since you'll be able to split players up within and across registration divisions into as many draws as you want later.

Hint: The only thing to remember when moving players from one division to another while you're creating draws is that they'll only be charged the fee for divisions they actually registered for themselves. (If you move players around while you're creating draws, they won't be charged extra, even if you had set up additional registration fees for each division.)

With that in mind, here are some general tips on creating divisions our users have found helpful:

DO:  Create and name your divisions based on age, gender, or any other category if you know that those groups won't be playing with each other.

DON'T:  Create divisions based on UTR, or create lots of divisions -- remember, registration divisions are different from draws.

Some Special Notes for Doubles Divisions:

When creating a doubles division, choose "Doubles" from the dropdown if you'd like players to register and pay their fees as a team. (So, if the fee is $50, one player would pay that full amount.) If you decide to set max players for a Doubles division, the number you choose sets the maximum number of players, not teams. Players will chose their partners during registration, as shown below.

Choose "Singles" if you'd like to allow players to register and pay individually. (You can still put "Doubles" in the division name so players know what they're registering for.) In that case, each player would pay their share of any registration fees individually, and you'll pair them up into teams later while you're creating draws. Here's what players see during registration if you choose "Singles":

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