Host A Virtual Event- How To Guide for Providers

Here at UTR, the community is at our core and we’re excited to provide players and industry professionals alike with the opportunity to connect virtually and stay committed to the game through Virtual UTR Events.

How To Host a Virtual UTR Event:

Ready to host a virtual event? Let’s get started! Click here to connect with our team so we can find out more about the type of event you'd like to run.

Complete the form and a member of our Events Team will connect with you shortly. 

Once approved and after you've connected with our Events Team, you'll see your Virtual Event Page will appear under the Clubs, Teams, and Groups section of the drop-down menu in your account.

Pro tip: Your Virtual Event Page is under a club of your name. (i.e. First Name Last Name)

Find your club and navigate to your Virtual Event Page to get started with your virtual event creation. Here is what your page will look like.

Create a Virtual Event:

Click the Create Event Button found under your club name seen here. 

You'll be led through 3 Steps to complete before you'll be able to Publish your event, making it viewable by anyone. These steps are similar to our traditional Event Creation steps that can be found here:

Step 1: Format
Step 2: Schedule
Step 3: Details

Note: Some aspects of the Event Creation Process have been modified for this particular event. Most notably, you'll have the option to select a new Event Tag to ensure players find the right Virtual Event they are looking for including Coach's Corner, Industry Insiders, Junior & Collegiate Tennis, Pro Players, or General.

Making your Virtual Event Paid:

If your virtual event will have a registration fee, you’ll need to set up a WePay account. You can learn more about how to do so here, or check our FAQs about WePay here.  

Pro Tip: If this is your first event on the Universal Tennis platform, you'll be prompted to create your WePay account during the creation of your first paid event. 

How Participants will find your Event:

Participants will be able to search and register for your event on their own through our platform by clicking into the Search Field and selecting Virtual Events.

Marketing Materials:

Universal Tennis will be regularly showcasing Virtual Events on all our platforms. 
We've created a few tools to help you create marketing materials to share on your event, Twitter, Facebook, and via Email. Create a copy of those tools and make them your own. 

Hosting your Event:

Select your Virtual Meeting software. 

We encourage you to select a platform you are comfortable with to host your virtual meeting (i.e. Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.) ahead of time and get familiar with the hosting features prior to your event. 

Review our HOST A VIRTUAL EVENT - TECH TIPS FOR HOSTING A SUCCESSFUL WEBINAR article for tips and tricks to running a smooth virtual meeting. 

At least 24 hours prior to your event share your virtual event link to all participants through our Message feature. Learn how to message all participants simultaneously here.

After your Event:

Communicate with your attendees.

It is always good practice to thank attending for their participation and time. Always send follow-up messages and prepare a communication for the participants beforehand. Use this as an opportunity to answer general questions, send recordings, and invite them to your next virtual event through Messages. 



If you'd need to issue a refund follow the process by issuing a refund through the platform. You can complete the process by following the steps here. 

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