Universal Tennis MatchPlay and Regulations


The Universal Tennis MatchPlay Rules and Regulations feature helps every player in the world come back to tennis (when their city or state says it is safe to do so) by creating local, one-on-one Matchplay and posting scores to count globally for UTR Rating and Verified UTR Rating. You can use MatchPlay to organize recreational hits to count for UTR Rating, for no fee. You can also organize competitive one-on-one matchplay to count just like a sanctioned match for Verified UTR Rating, no fee for power players ($10 otherwise). Please read the rules below.


Here’s how it works:

1. Find an opponent and register for your match under "EVENTS". If you're playing for Verified UTR Rating, your opponent must register as well.

2. Play Your Match

3. Post Your Scores using the “Post” button available in your app or on the website. If you are playing a Verified Match, post using the same function(feature), and your score will be reviewed by Universal Tennis and converted to Verified the following week

Things to note: 

  • Players posting Verified UTR Rating scores will incur a $10 Verified UTR Rating fee. 
  • Fees are waived for power players. 
  • Players must have a profile on Universal Tennis in order to compete. 
  • We are committed to ensuring the integrity of Verified UTR Rating that so many of you rely on for college scholarships, recruiting, overall UTR standings and more. We are counting on you to commit to the same - to show good sportsmanship, integrity and honesty. Please do not let your fellow competitors and tennis community down!

Please carefully read the rules for Verified Universal Tennis MatchPlay:

1. Co-Ed (male vs. female) play is allowed. Juniors must play in the Junior Division. College players must play in the Adult Division. Opponents must be within a 1.00 UTR Rating range (i.e. results from a match where a UTR Rating 12 plays a UTR Rating 13.50 will automatically be disqualified from counting for Verified UTR Rating)

2. All players must have a reliable SINGLES UTR Rating* and a complete player profile (Including grad year for Junior players).

3. Accepted scoring formats: Best 2/3 fast four sets with a full third set or 10 point tiebreaker. Best 2/3 full sets with a full third set or 10 point tiebreaker.

4. Maximum of 2 matches per week. Players may only play the same player once in a week and three times in a month. Match format must meet minimum Verified UTR Rating requirements.**  

5. Both players must be registered for the weekly event and specify their opponent(s) in the event registration. Matches that are not registered will not be considered for Verified UTR Rating; ie you cannot play a match and then decide that you want it to count for Verified UTR Rating.

6. Players must agree in advance to post and confirm the match score via the Universal Tennis mobile app or browser at the conclusion of the match.** Matches will be reviewed by Universal Tennis and converted to Verified UTR Rating scores the following week.

7. Coaching is not permitted. Universal Tennis reserves the right to reject any & all match results.

Any fraudulent or suspicious matches will be flagged for review. 
Violations of Rules may include: Loss of verified match results, exclusion from posting any future match results, and suspension from Universal Tennis, and loss of rating.

*If you have a “P” next to your rating, you do not have a fully reliable UTR Rating. It takes 5 matches for your UTR Rating to become reliable.
**If a match is not able to be posted on location, players have until the end of the week to post and confirm scores. Pro Tip: To waive all verified fees for Verified UTR Rating Events and access advanced analytics and college recruiting tools, check out Universal Tennis’ Power Players option for players.

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