Ideas for Your Next Universal Tennis Event

Have you run your first event yet? If so, we hope it was a success for you and for your players! Did you know that you can run all types of events, from 1:1 matchplay to round robins to large scale tournaments using the Universal Tennis Platform? It’s easy! Here are a few examples to help get you inspired for your next event:

Universal Tennis Matchplay with Social Distancing

Yes, you can organize safe, socially distanced matchplay! A quick Fast-4 format guarantees everyone 3 matches in 3 hours, making this type of event fun, competitive and efficient. Here is an example of what your event could look like.

League Play

Use the Universal Tennis Platform to organize your seasonal league play. Place players into draws based on their UTR Rating for more competitive and fun tennis. Players can use Universal Tennis to scout their competition and track their improvement throughout the duration of league play. Here is an example of what your event could look like.

Prize Money Tournaments 

Give players a chance to compete and add to their wallet with a Universal Tennis Prize Money Event! Set up the event however you want, from a main draw with qualifying rounds (like this example) to a level-based round-robin or compass draw format (like this example)! You can run prize money tournaments of all sizes and types on the Universal Tennis Platform. 

Need even more inspiration during this challenging time? With the right protocols in place, your players can feel comfortable returning to the court for some fun competition.  Check out these successful, socially-distanced events: matchplay in the Bay Area, Friday drop-ins in Salt Lake City, and a socially distanced tournament in Austin.  

Pro Tip: Organize your players based on their UTR Rating level to enable more fun and competitive play across ages and genders. Level-based play is proven to give players a better experience on the court. When you organize based on UTR Rating, the pool of competition gets much bigger across age and gender!

Reach out to our Support Team with any additional questions regarding setting up your Universal Tennis Events!

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