How do I issue partial refunds to my players through Stripe?

Hosting an event and need to issue a partial refund? Whether you're running a promotion for players or need to refund a player back for an extra division, Stripe has you covered! There are two ways to issue a partial refund, let's first explore how a partial refund can be issued from your event page.  

Once on the event page, you'll click on the Players Tab and select the player you wish to refund. Click the More Button that appears on their player line and select the Manage option.
At this point, you'll select the action you wish to take within each division.

Then click the Next Button.

Make sure the refund amount is reflected correctly and then click the Refund Button.

You can also issue a partial refund through your Stripe Dashboard. To access your dashboard, you'll need to sign in to your Stripe account at - Once signed in you'll navigate to the Payments Tab and select the player you wish to issue a partial refund to. 

Pro-Tip - The players' names won't appear within the payments tab, only their email address. You can cross-check this information by Exporting Players through your event page. The emails will be consistent between the Export Players Sheet and Stripe.

Once on the payment page click the Refund Button at the top right corner of the page.

Input the amount you wish to refund and click the Refund Button.

That's it! You've issued a partial refund.

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