Match Sheet

When creating your draws you'll now have the option to select the way you would like to schedule your matches, with Match Sheet or Order of Play. Each scheduling format enables you to let your players know the time and place of their match in a slightly different way. To access this feature you'll click on the Schedule option that is found within the Event Desk Drawer under Manage:

Match Sheet is the scheduling format that is selected by default when you create your event. We find this scheduling format to be best for recreational and club tournament play. 

When you select this scheduling format you'll be able to filter by:

- Date
- Facility 
- Draw
- Any combination listed above

With the Match Sheet format, you can schedule both by round and individual matches. Additionally, you have the flexibility to input specifics such as facility and/or court or simply add the date and time. It's up to you!  

Once all of your matches and rounds are scheduled and you publish them to your event page you'll notice that they will display in order of matches with any facility and court detail you add:

Pro Tip: If you choose to switch from the Match Sheet format to the Order of Play format it will clear all of your matches out of the draw.

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