Event Templates

Organizers can easily create level-based play with our new Event Templates!
Choose from a template when creating your event schedule from some of the most popular and successful events on the UTR platform.

Here's how:

When your ready to create a new event, click 'Create Event' from your club page. 

You'll see two options, 'Start from Scratch' or 'Select and Event Template".

Pro Tip: if you opt to 'Start from Scratch' you'll be taken through the traditional Event Creation setup process.

Preview any of the new Event Templates to take a peek at what your event will look like, or click 'Create Event' underneath the Template you'd like to get started.
Here is a quick shot of previewing a MatchPlay template. 

Once you've found the template you'd like to use and click 'Create Event', we'll automatically select things like the match type, division draw types, and event details in your events overview section and more. All you need to do is fill out details that are unique to your club and event, like price, location, event dates, etc. 

Pro Tip: Event Templates currently only create one division automatically. You can add multiple divisions for the event by clicking the 'Add a Divison' button near the bottom of Step 1 when creating your event. 

Event Details will describe the event based on the template you've selected. Be sure to add any details you'd like your players to know prior to registering.

Complete steps 1-4 on the Event Creation process and publish the event!

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