Provider Guidelines

Universal Tennis has created guidelines for Events and Members to protect players, providers, and the integrity of the sport. Violation of these guidelines will be reviewed by the Universal Tennis Safety Committee.

Software Use
Providers must not:

1. Share or “sub-license” a digital club license with other individuals and/or entities.

2. Take payment off the platform when the agreement states that payment will occur on platform

3. Fail to clearly communicate and execute event refund policy

4. Use your License to run events at more than one location (except for event “spillover”, which must take place at no more than one additional facility less than twenty miles from the primary event location). 

5. Use your License to host Flex Leagues, Team Tennis, or Pro Tennis Tour events without written authorization from Universal Tennis.

Providers must not:

1. Directly or indirectly verbally abuse any official, opponent, sponsor, spectator or other person(s).

2. Have three (3) or more complaints received in a six-month period.

3. Fail a background check.

4. Fail to report players in direct violation of  Player Guidelines. Players must not:

a. Fail to use best efforts to win a match

b. Participate in events if they have violated TIU (Tennis Integrity Unit, now called ITIA) rules

c. Participate in match-fixing in any form

d. Make any attempt to manipulate the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR Rating), match results, or data

5. Misuse Universal Tennis brand imagery or property: You may not purport yourself to be the “official” UTR Provider in your region or area on social media or email.  You may not brand your events similar to Universal Tennis’s owned and operated products, services or events like but not limited to, UTR Pro Tennis Tour, UTR Team Tennis, Universal Tennis Flex Leagues, Universal Tennis National Championship Series, etc. The use of “UTR” or “Universal Tennis” may not be used in any of your social media handles. Additionally, UTR or Universal Tennis may not be used in digital club names or event descriptions to refer to anything other than the UTR for seeding or eligibility criteria.

Providers must not:

1. Violate the Verified rules (when running a Verified event). Events must have:

a. An official present to mitigate disputes at all Verified events (no Verified flex leagues or self-scheduled and reported matches allowed). 

i. Officials must be at least 18 years old, not participating in the event, and with no familial ties to any event participants. Providers may play in the event if an unaffiliated official is designated.

b. Results must be submitted within 48 hours of the event end date.

2. Falsely advertise the payout amount for any prize money event. The advertised payout amount must be guaranteed, fully distributed and the payout must occur within 1 week of the event end date. If the payout amount varies based on the number of participants, providers must not promote the event based on a potential payout amount on the event name or event banner photo.

3. Host event with prize money greater than or equal to $500, scheduled on overlapping dates with a UTR Pro Tennis Tour event(s) within 200 miles without written consent from Universal Tennis.

4. Host events without publishing match times and draws 12 hours prior to the event start time. This includes prize money events, tournaments and matchplays in which players need to know when they are scheduled to play.

5. Fail to clearly communicate the time of the event in the event description. 

6. Fail to allot time for breaks in between matches. For matches played with the two out of three Fast4 format, single set, or 8-game pro set, players may take up to a 30 minute break between matches. For matches played with a minimum of two regular sets, players may take up to a 60 minute break between matches.

7. Change entry fees, # of guaranteed matches, and/or scoring format after event registration is open.

8. Display inconsistent and inaccurate event fees on divisions. This includes but is not limited to fees displayed on divisions, event pages, event images, event descriptions, etc. without written authorization from Universal Tennis.   

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules or would like to report a violation, please go to

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