2022 Flex League Season Playoffs

We are excited to announce the new 2022 Flex League Season Playoffs! There are new prizes, additional chances to compete in Verified matches, and a Playoff advancement system. 

At the end of each flex league event, all players who win their division will qualify for the Season Playoffs, where they will compete against another event winner with a similar UTR Rating. Playoff matchups will be announced and occur after the end of each Season (Winter, Summer, Fall). All playoff winners and runner-ups will receive prizes! 

Playoff Rules & Regulations:

1. Playoffs are determined by your first 4 matches played in the Flex League. This does not include Challenge Matches unless approved by your Flex League Manager. 

2. At the end of the league event, the winner of each Division will qualify for the end-of-season playoffs. 

3. Your playoff bracket will consist of either one opponent or two, based on UTR Rating availability.

4. Your opponent will be the qualifying player(s) closest to you in UTR Rating.

5. You must complete at least 3 league event matches to qualify for the season playoffs.

6. Flex League Managers may promote players to the playoffs on a need basis.

7. You will have three weeks from the date the season playoff matches are scheduled to complete the match(es).

8. If you need an extension on your playoff match, it must be approved by your Flex League Manager.

9. Your opponent must be within 2 UTR of you, otherwise, we will select an alternate (a finalist) from another league. 

10. For groups of 9+ players, we may choose two players to advance to the playoffs based on league results.

11. The same rules and regulations that apply to regular league event matches, apply to season playoffs matches. 

12. Universal Tennis Flex League managers have the final say on all playoff decisions.

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