Recommended Health and Safety Protocols

Health and Safety Protocols

Health and Safety Protocols 

This document details recommended health and safety protocols for Events run on the UTR Platform. At a minimum, the third party providers using our site should follow all local government guidelines at all times.

Q: Do you provide health and safety COVID guidelines for your providers and all events?

A: UTR Sports is an independent party providing tools and technologies to providers who run events. It is ultimately up to the event provider(s) to comply with their local health authorities. However, we have several tennis specific Health and Safety learnings compiled and we share these with event providers. This collection of best practices are listed below:

  • Daily temperature checks and health screening assessments to be performed before any player, official or staff enters the facility.
  • Players should wash hands/disinfect hands and equipment/water bottles prior to going on court. Each player should bring their own individual drinks, equipment, towel, etc. Players should not share any equipment, drinks or towels and will use only new named and numbered balls
  • All staff (officials etc), as well as players, should follow strict social distancing guidelines remaining at least 6 feet of distance from another person, throughout the entire event (before, during and after play)
  • Marked Balls
  • 3 balls to each player, each set
  • No sharing or touching other player’s marked balls
  • Ball changes after 7 and 9 games
  • Switching sides to be done on opposite sides of the net
  • No Handshakes or physical contact between players
  • Each rest area and restrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis by trained personnel
  • Courts should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. For example, Sanitizing chairs, net posts, gates, restrooms and any other surfaces where players and/or staff may come in contact with during matches
  • After play, players should sanitize their hands/equipment and then leave the court area as soon as possible. Players should not share any paper, pens or electronic devices.
  • All staff and players should avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth, especially with unwashed hands.

Additional information regarding COVID-19 can be found at

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