Universal Tennis Team Tennis Rules and Regulations

Universal Tennis Team Tennis Rules and Regulations

1. Player Costs to Participate:

a. From UTR: $37.50 for Power Subscribers, $47.50 for Non-Power Subscribers
b. From Participating Clubs: At the discretion of the Club

2. Participation Requirements (Age & UTR):

a. Youth Leagues: Ages 18 and Under, UTRs 1-6
b. Premier Leagues: Ages 18 and Under, UTRs 6+

3. League Season: Each league season is a five-week round-robin schedule. Teams compete in a team round-robin format over 4 weeks with a 5th-week playoff match for all teams by standings (i.e. 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 5 vs. 6, etc ). There are six seasons per year.

4. Guaranteed Matches: Eight players are required to register a team, six players are required per event. UTR does not guarantee the number of matches per player per event. That is at the discretion of your participating Club & Team Coach.

5. Locations: It is up to the Participating Clubs and Club League Manager (appointed by Universal Tennis) to develop a clear league schedule including dates and locations.

6. Schedule: League schedules can be found inside the digital club.

7. Standings: League standings can be found under the ‘standings tab’ and will update automatically when the League Manager has updated results.

8. Scoring Format: Nine (9) total matches played per event: Three (3) doubles & six (6) singles, all in under two hours. Time-based play with a two-minute warning, no ad-scoring, no sitting on changeovers, and twenty seconds between points. Coaching is allowed but must not slow down or inhibit play. When “Time” is yelled players can finish the current point, and play one more if it’s a deciding point to win the game or set. All scores count towards Verified UTR.

9. Tied Matches: If a game is not finished i.e. 4-4 and does not have a deciding point the result is deemed as a tie. If teams are tied at the end of the confrontation, the team with the highest total of games won will be declared the winner.

10. Singles Match (4 game minimum): One of the players has to reach a minimum of 4 games in the 35 minutes period. On the occasion of an unfinished match, the players must resume play until someone reaches the four-game line.

11. Schedule of play:

a. Warmup:          10 min.
b. Doubles: 30 min. followed by a 5-minute break
c. 1st Singles: 35 min. followed by a 5-minute break
d. 2nd Singles: 35 min.
e. Total:                120 min. (2 hours)

12. Line Calls: A minimum of two Team Coaches should be present (one per team) and available to mitigate disputes. We expect the highest level of honesty and integrity from players. The Universal Tennis Club League Manager reserves the right to disqualify you from the league if he or she receives three or more complaints.

13. Time delays: Teams will be penalized with a game, in every match after 5 minutes in case of delay. The clock starts after the 10-minute warm-up period is finalized. In the case of a team missing a whole round of matches, the opposing team will receive credit in the form of wins counting to the final matchup score.

14. Miscellaneous time delays: If during a match there is any kind of stalling or time delay the organizer has the right to extend match time at their discretion or give a game penalty.

15. Canceling Matches: If you can not participate in a match please convey this directly to your participating Club and Team Coach.

16. COVID Safety Measures: During the coronavirus pandemic, each player should bring a can of balls to serve with, no handshakes at the end of the match, and changeovers on opposite sides of the court.

17. Reporting scores: Players should report scores directly to their Team Coach.

18. Confirming Matches: Players should confirm their match availability with their Team Coach prior to the start of the league season.

19. Home court for the championship: The team with the better record will have the home court.

20. Withdrawal from the league: Players must provide valid reasoning for withdrawal. If a player withdraws from two Universal Tennis Club Team Tennis Leagues, they are banned for one year from playing in any Universal Tennis Club Team Tennis Leagues.

21. Guaranteed Matches: All players should ask their Team Coach how many guaranteed matches they can expect from their League.

22. Court Fees and Additional Costs: It is the participating Clubs’ responsibility to convey appropriate court fees and additional costs to the players. It is not the responsibility of Universal Tennis.

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