Paid Hitter - Getting Started Guide

Congratulations on becoming a Paid Hitter with Universal Tennis! Let's get started.

Step 1: Complete your Paid Hitter Profile. (Required)

From, visit your profile and click Edit Profile, and scroll to the bottom. 

 Fill in the fields for Player Experience, Coaching Experience, and Price. These details will be used when creating your sessions and schedule. You can edit and make changes anytime.

Step 2: Let's make sure you can receive payment by setting up Stripe. (Required)

From the Paid Hitter section shown above, create a new Stripe account or connect with your current Stripe account. Review our Stripe setup tips to ensure you get approved quickly. 

Note: Stripe setups are only available on a browser, not the mobile app.  It may take a few days for your Stripe account to be linked.  Once the Stripe approval process is completed, the linked status will show.


Step 3: Let's set up your first sessions! (Required)

In the upper right corner of your browser tab, click the black “+” button and then click on “Offer/Create Paid Hit”.



Ensure you have set up at least 3 Paid Hit Sessions. Complete the Paid Hit session details including the name, date/time, event location (city/state is OK if you want to be flexible on the court location), price, and a description in the optional Notes field. We strongly encourage you to Include notes with detailed information on your flexibility, what you’ll offer and why a player would enjoy hitting with you. 

Pro tips: 

  • Remember, be as flexible as possible. You book and pay for the court as needed. We recommend you try listing the location with just your City and State and then indicate in the Notes “I’ll come to you!”  You can coordinate where the hit will take place by messaging your player after booking. 
  • If using a public court, ensure you note the court as a “Public Facility” in the event description so players know to expect a potential wait.

When you’ve agreed to the terms and health protocols, you are ready to post your session.  

Click Create Session. Your session will be visible in our Event and Paid Hit searches for players to come and sign up. When someone registers for your session, you’ll receive a notice in email. Very soon, we’ll be offering a link to share the session out broadly in your network. We will also post the event in our Paid Hits Search and into players’ home feeds near you as well as email players close to you to encourage them to sign up. 

Note: Hitters must be annual Power subscribers and Universal Tennis also charges a 5% commission fee per Paid Hit. 

Need help? Email us at or Chat us

You can visit our support site for more information. 

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