Universal Tennis Adult Leagues - United States

Universal Tennis Adult Leagues - United States

Universal Tennis Adult Leagues are for all adult players from social to competitive level and are more economical, flexible, and fun than other leagues.  Leagues will be based on the UTR Rating, the most accurate global tennis rating, to ensure level-based play for all.

UTR Level-Based Leagues and What is the right UTR level-based league for you?

1. Fall 2021 NorCal League Format:

Registration Dates

August 12 to September 3

League Start and End Dates

September 20 to November 14


Men, Women, & Mixed


8 weeks (Home and Away)

Age Divisions & Lines

18+: 2 doubles/1 singles 

55+: 3 Doubles 

Level Based 








Women UTR










2. Determining your UTR Level Based Leagues

Players with NTRP rating typically range across 3 or more UTR levels.  To make league matches level-based, fair and fun, players in the same league should not exceed 2 UTR levels.  If you have played USTA Leagues go to www.universaltennis.com to find/claim your profile and discover your UTR Rating - all free.  If currently UTR unrated, check to see if you were previously rated and/or use the following chart and the NTRP to UTR conversion table to identify which Universal Tennis Adult League is most suitable for you and confirm appropriate placement with your team Captain.

Women: NTRP to UTR Conversion Recommendation

If your NTRP is...

Your UTR League is...







5.0+ (recent college)


Men: NTRP to UTR Conversion Recommendation

If your NTRP is...

Your UTR League is...











3) Leagues Rules & Regulations Summary

Universal Tennis Adult Leagues: Summary of Rules and Regulations

1. Cost

a. No Membership Fee! Just $25 league fee or $12 for Power Subscribers

b. Note: teams will be responsible for the costs of balls, court time, and any other expenses associates

c. No Refunds

2. Conference

a. Male, Female and Mixed Conferences

b. 95% of matches will finish in less than 90 minutes given the format. If there is incremental court availability, both Captains can agree in advance to finish a match if it goes beyond 90 minutes.

c. Players must be at least 18 years of age

d. Teams should be comprised of players all within 2 UTR levels

e. No players with UTR Ratings above the league level at the onset of the season are allowed

f. Players who are UTR unrated/projected at onset are subject to review by the league committee during the season and can be removed if their UTR Rating exceeds the league level once established and/or if clear mismatches are evident

3. Scoring format:

a. Two sets with 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of 3rd set

b. No-Ad Scoring

c. If no additional courts are available, 90 minute time expires, and a match is not decided, the scores are recorded as-is and the winner of the match is the team/player that has won the most games (tie break counts for 1 game).

4. Three line team matches

a. 18+: one singles, two doubles

b. 55+: three doubles

5. League Durations: 8 week season (4 Home and 4 Away matches)

6. Reporting scores:

a. Players must report the scores to their Team Captains immediately after the match is completed

b. The Home Team Captain is responsible for inputting match results to the UTR software within 48 hours from the match date

c. Players can dispute a match result by submitting a ticket here

7. Schedules

a. Captains/Facilities must send their court availability and match time preferences to leagues@universaltennis.com by August 7th

b. League Schedules will be available on individual team pages.

c. To make any changes to the league schedule, both captains must agree on a new date/time, then email leagues@universaltennis.com so we can update the league schedule

8. Standings will be available on team pages

9. Report an issue: You may report any issues regarding the conference to leagues@universaltennis.com

10. Canceling Matches: Be sure to notify the Team Captain if you are unable to participate in a match

11. Missing Players:

a. If a Team Captain is not able to field a line, the opposing team will win that match by default. 

b. As a courtesy, notify the opposing team how many lines will be missing prior to the match.

12. Late Penalty: There will be a 15 minute grace period from the scheduled time of the match until the team will forfeit the match

13. Locations: Team Captains are responsible for reserving courts at a “home location” where they will be hosting. These locations must be confirmed by the League Coordinator prior to the start of the league

14. Guaranteed Matches: All players should ask their Team Captain how many guaranteed matches they can expect from their Team

15. Withdrawals from League:

a. Players must withdraw before the league start date to get a refund. Contact leagues@universaltennis.com with your full name, Conference URL, and reason for withdrawal

b. No refunds once league season starts

16. Court Fees and Additional Costs: 

a. Home Team Captain is responsible for providing balls for the match

b. Home Team Captain is responsible for conveying any additional costs to team members such as food, beverages, etc.

17. Code of Conduct: Players must adhere good sportsmanship at all times and to the Player Guidelines 

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