What is my designated region in Junior Regionals? How can I set it up?

Regions are designated by player residence and players are required to play in their assigned region based on the residence info on their UTR player profile (see image below for your state’s region).

If a player's profile location falls under multiple regions, the system will show a drop-down option of regional choices. This player will need to select which region they would like to designate themselves as a part of.

For all information on the regional designation and the assignments of each state, you can also visit this page.

What if my state of residence falls under more than one region?

If your city and state residence showed on your player profile residence fall under multiple regions, you will be required to select between one of two region options in order to register for a Junior Regional event.

How to set up the region to my profile?

You can set up your region by going to your player profile and selecting "Edit Profile". Scroll down to see a drop down option titled “Region” where you will need to select the region that you would like to designate in.

If a player’s residence changes (to a different region), they will need to contact Universal Tennis to update their designated region at support.universaltennis.com or JuniorPath@universaltennis.com.

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