Managing Your Paid Hits

Make the most out of Paid Hits - create new sessions, manage existing ones and fill in your calendar so players in your area can find and book your sessions!

Once you're logged in, click on your Profile Icon/Picture in the top left and click the link to your Paid Hits page.

From your Paid Hit Page, you can create new events, update your profile, and edit existing events too.  

Edit an existing session

Step 1: Navigate to the Events tab, and click on the session you'd like to update.

Step 2: Sift through your Upcoming and Past Events by clicking the dropdown and finding the exact session you'd like to edit.

Step 3: Click on the session you'd like to update. From the events page, click Edit Event.

Edit any details including the date, time, locations, or add notes and be sure to save your changes. Click Update to save. 

Duplicate your existing session

Want to fill your calendar quickly? Use our Duplicate Event feature and create more options for potential registrants.
From any of your past or upcoming sessions, click the More Options button and select Duplicate Event.

Update the date and time of your new session. Details like the duration, price, and location from the original session will remain so you can quickly click Save and get more sessions posted.

Looking to unpublish a session and remove it from your availability?
From the session page, click on the More Options button and select Unpublish Event.

Pro tip: If you need to simply update the date and time of an event or reschedule, edit the session rather than unpublish it.

Need help scheduling sessions in advance? Reach out to and share your weekly availability, pricing, duration details and where you'll play. We can help get you up and running.

Want to apply to be a Paid Hitter? Apply Here
Approved and not quite set up? Follow these instructions

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