How Do I Create The Schedule For My Team Tennis League?

To create the schedule for the teams with your Team Tennis League click "Event Desk" which is found near the upper right-hand side of the event page:

Next, you'll create a new draw for each conference you have:

Then select the Ad Hoc format for each draw you create. When you create the draw inputting the number of weeks your league will run as the Round Size and half the number of teams you have as the Matches Per Round:

Once the draws have been created, check the box that appears next to the corresponding teams for each conference and add them to the corresponding draw. For each week you'll input the dates, times, and court numbers for each round and team:

Once you have all of your teams' schedules set click the "Publish Button" that appears in the top right-hand corner of the Event Desk:

Now the schedule will appear within the Draws Tab of the event page.

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