How Do I Add Standings For My Team Tennis League?

After you add the overall matches for the teams within your Team Tennis League weekly, you'll want to make sure that your standings are up to date. To add a team and report the corresponding standings for the week you'll click "Add Team" as it appears within the Team Standings Tab on the event page:

Then input the team's Rank, Name, Home Club, and Team Record (which is the overall win-loss ratio for the team):

Next, input the Match Record (the overall win-loss ratio of matches for the team), Sets (the overall win-loss ratio of sets for the team), Games Won Percentage (the overall percentage of games won by the team):

Click "Save" and the standings for the team will be reflected within the Team Standings Tab of the event page:

In the weeks to come, click "Edit" as it appears within the "More Options" next to the team's standings in order to update the standings throughout the league's duration:

Now your team standings are up to date!

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