Overview: UTR Sports Adult Team Tennis

How to have Tennis Adult Team Tennis access?

You will need to get in touch with the Account Manager of your club. They’ll be able to create a League Desk for your club wherein you can manage and create conferences, sessions, team captains and members, and generate schedules. 


The first thing on the League Desk is the conference which is a group of sessions with common demographics such as location, age, gender, and UTR range. Within your conference you’ll find:

  • Sessions: enlists all the teams you have created
  • Organizers: club providers that can access your League Desk
  • Details: information about your conference

You can check this article to walk you through the process of creating and managing your conference.


The session page is where you want to create your teams. Each session has the following parameters:

  • Session Type: multi-week or weekend battle
  • Matches per Team: number of rounds per team
  • Matches Frequency: weekly or bi-weekly
  • Team Match Format: either Singles or Doubles and score format
  • Player Fee: entry fee that is set by the Organizer/s
  • League Fee: verified fee (waived for Power Players)

Note: League fee differs per club. Please connect with your Account Manager for more details.

See this article for the full instructions on creating and managing your session.


In the Organizers tab, you'll see the club providers who have access to your League Desk. This is also where you can add organizers by typing in the organizer's profile name on the search bar and remove organizers by clicking the "x" next to their name.


The last tab on the manage conference section is the details. Here you can update your conference details such as the name, location, description of the conference, and the conference audience like the gender, age, and UTR range.

Having a hard time navigating? You can send us an email at leagues@utrsports.com.

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