FAQ: Pickleball

Why is Universal Tennis adding pickleball?

Universal Tennis communities want to organize and play pickleball. Universal Tennis is excited to begin the next chapter by bringing a new pickleball rating and technology solutions to support our communities.

What is the UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP)?

The UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP) is a categorical rating for pickleball players that want to play casually or compete in pickleball tournaments. The UTRP rating is determined by self-reported questions during registration/onboarding and places players into four categories ranging from P1 to P4.

UTRP Rating Levels

  • P1 - Social/Casual Player
  • P2 - Intermediate Player
  • P3 - Advanced Player
  • P4 - Expert/Pro Player

Note: P1-P3 UTRP will always be non-numeric to allow for fun social play. A numeric rating system is currently under development for the P4 UTRP category.

I’m a competitive tennis player, but I’m just starting in pickleball. Will I be rated as a beginner?

If we have a known Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), we will use that information to accurately place you in a UTRP category (P1-P3) at the time of rating calculation; however, the P4 UTRP category is reserved for those that have played in verified pickleball tournaments.

How do I get a UTRP Rating if I am new to Universal Tennis?

Go to universaltennis.com. If you are a new player, create your Universal Tennis account and make a new profile. You’ll be able to self-rate by selecting the pickleball sport type and following the registration flow.

How do I get a UTRP Rating if I have an existing player profile on Universal Tennis?

If you have an existing player profile on Universal Tennis, go to your player profile page or home feed and select “Get Rated” underneath the “UTRP” rating section. This will take you through the UTRP Rating self-rating questionnaire.

How do I find and play Pickleball events?

Go to app.universaltennis.com and then in the top search bar select “Pickleball”. Once on the event search page, in the top left you will see a new “Sport” filter where you can specify whether you are looking for events that are tennis, pickleball, or both. 

You will also see on the event cards either a pickleball or tennis sport type label which will let you know whether that event is a pickleball or tennis event.

Lastly, if you’d like to further customize your event search and home feed to either show or hide nearby pickleball events, you can do so by going into your account “Settings” where you can toggle pickleball and tennis on or off to customize your event results.

Am I restricted to playing in pickleball events that are only for the UTRP Rating level?

It depends on the event. Organizers on the platform will have the option to recommend a particular UTRP Rating level for players; however, they can also leave events open to all players or a range of players. We always recommend reaching out to the event organizer if you have any questions on the recommended rating level for an event! 

I have a UTRP Rating, but it is not displaying on my profile, how can I change this?

On your player profile, select “Edit Profile” and go to the “Your ratings” section. You will then see the option to either check on or off the “Display my UTRP (pickleball)” rating on your player profile and home feed.

If your UTRP Rating display checkbox is selected and you are still not seeing your  UTRP Rating, please reach out to our support team at support@universaltennis.com.

I am not interested in having a pickleball rating, can I remove it from my profile? 

Yes. On your player profile, select “Edit Profile” and go to the “Your ratings” section. You will then see the option to either check on or off the “Display my UTRP (pickleball)” rating on your player profile and home feed.

If de-selected, you will no longer see the option to “Get Rated” for a UTRP pickleball rating or the UTRP rating you may have already received from the “Get Rated" questionnaire. If you change your mind and would like to later turn it back on, you can always do that too! 

Note: You cannot deselect your “Display my UTR (tennis)” rating if you have any results recorded. 

Have more questions? Please email support@universaltennis.com.

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