How to Translate Articles in Another Language?

We want everyone to be comfortable reading through our support articles in their native language. This article showcases how to translate our support articles, and other pages, into other languages.

A thing to note: The translation will only work on the current page you are on. If you prefer to automatically translate all pages, you can change the default language settings on your chrome browser by following the steps here.

To get started, go to the article that you like to view in another language. Once you are on that page, right-click anywhere on the page and select "Translate to [Language]".

A small pop-up window at the top will appear, click the 3 dots for more options then select "Choose Another Language" and click the drop-down arrow. 

From here, you'll see the various available languages in Google Translate that you can choose from. Once you have your chosen language, click "Done". 

Awesome! You can now view the article in another language.

How to revert to English?

It's easy! Follow the same steps above. Once the pop-up window appears, select "Detect Language" and it will return to its original language.

Note: These steps are applicable in the Google Chrome browser. You can follow the instructions below depending on the browser you are using.

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