FAQ: Team Captain

How can I request to be a team captain?

You can follow the instructions on this article on how to find a session that fits your preference or if a club provider has sent you an invite, you can click on that link. From the session page, click "Request to Captain" found on the top right below the Register button.

How can I access my team?

You will need to log into your UTR profile account on universaltennis.com first. Then, click your profile icon in the top right to pull the panel shown to the right. Any team you captain will show under “Team Tennis”. 

You can also save the URL’s to your Team Pages and access them via the direct link.

What are the features I can do as a team captain?

As a team captain, you'll have access to these features:

  • Invite players to the team and set PIN/password if you have intended players to add to the team.
  • Message players.
  • Update team's details such as home court location, schedule, registration status, etc.
  • Add/remove team captain/s.
  • Post scores.

How do I withdraw and refund one of my players?

Please reach out to the league organizer and they can process the withdrawal and refund. You can find the league organizer's contact information on the right side of the Overview tab.

Why is my player not showing on my roster, even though they registered and received a confirmation email?

They likely have not fully completed their profile creation. Please ensure this is complete. If so and they still do not show, have them reach out directly to our support by submitting a ticket.

How do I register a team for a future season? 

Please reach out to your league organizer and let them know which season you would like to add a team for. Include the following details: Team(s) Name, Team UTR Division, Home Facility, and General Match Day/Time (can be adjusted if needed). 

Will the players get notified automatically of the changes I made?

Absolutely! Players get notified when you update any details (i.e., date, time, location) on the team match. Additionally, they are also notified whenever the team schedule is published and team match scores are posted.

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