Managing Team as Team Captain

As a team captain, you'll have the ability to update your team match schedule, add/remove team captain/s, message players, and post scores.

Updating Team Match Schedule

Once the league organizer has published the schedules, you have the option to update the match date and time, and location. 

To do this, head over to your team page and under the Schedule tab, click the specific match that you need to update. Click "Edit" at the top right for the pop-up message to appear wherein you can update the match date and time, and location. Don't forget to hit "Save Changes" for the update to reflect.

Adding/Removing Team Captain

Team captains have the ability to remove or add up to three (3) captains under the "Edit Captains" tab. Do note that they are required to create and activate a profile

If the captain is not showing up from the drop-down list, send us a note and we'll take a peek!

Note: A replacement team captain needs to be added first before removing yourself as a team captain.

Message Players

If you need to notify all players within your team, you can do so by clicking the "Message Players" button below your team name. You can tick the box "Send a message to Captains" to send a copy of the message to your fellow captains.

It is also possible to message a certain player through the Players tab and click the message icon on the right side of the player.

Posting Scores

Once matches have been played, you can now post the scores. Locate the matches under the Schedule tab and once you are at the scoring page, select from players rostered on each team. 

If you do not see your player on the drop-down, it means they have not yet registered. In order for the team score to calculate correctly, you must contact the player to register and then complete the inputting of scores.

Note: Scores will be validated based on the scoring format of the league.

Match Outcome is auto-set to completed but you can choose other match results such as:

  • Completed with Partial Score
  • Postponed
  • Retired 
  • Defaulted
  • Match not played 

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