How does UTR work with Tennis Australia?

Tennis Australia has been a strategic partner with UTR since January 2019.   We’re excited to have grown with this association and add more Tennis Australia results to the profiles on our site along with the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff!  Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • How are Tennis Australia results added to UTR profiles? 
    • We run a weekly import of all Tennis Australia results in every Wednesday.  If the results aren’t imported within this time feel free to reach out to us.  Bonus Tip: If the results aren’t reflected on the Tennis Australia site prior to Wednesday we suggest awaiting an additional week for the results to be reflected in your profile.
  • Do Tennis Australia results count towards Verified UTR?
    • Yes, all Tennis Australia results count towards Verified UTR as long as the opponent is within 2.00 UTR and the results fall within the 30 most recent match results over the past 12 months.
  • How do I create a account and activate my profile?
  • Who can play in the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff?
    • The AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff, a multi-week, multi-city event that gives all tennis players, regardless of age and ability, the opportunity to play their way into the main draw of the Australian Open 2020 via the AO Wildcard Playoff in Melbourne.
  • Where will the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff be held?
    • The new AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff will kick off in Queensland from Thursday, November 7th to Sunday, November 10th, with New South Wales to follow from Thursday, November 14th to Sunday, November 17th. The top two finishers (male and female) in each event will advance to the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff Finals in Melbourne, from which two winners will gain entry into the AO Wildcard Playoff, held Monday, December 9th to Sunday, December 15th.
  • How do I register to play in the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff?
    • Once you've activated your profile you'll navigate to the following links to register for the event within the corresponding regions:
  • What format will be used at the AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff?
    • The AO2020 UTR Wildcard Playoff will utilize the Universal Tennis tournament platform and organize draws based on a player’s Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Powered by Oracle, to create a competitive, level-based staggered entry format. Staggered entry draws based on UTR have quickly been gaining global traction as the preferred way to create a truly open community tournament where players are matched purely on skill level for better competition.

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