Universal Tennis' Policies on Tennis Integrity

UT places integrity as the highest priority. Contraventions of the Code of Conduct and/or the Rules and Regulations may jeopardize a player's ability to participate in any activity associated with UT. We will not support banned or suspended players from other jurisdictions. We will cooperate with other areas of the sport (or external agencies such as law enforcement) where and if needed, so that the integrity of the sport remains intact. Your compliance in regard to integrity is expected, particularly if you are participating in other tournaments outside of the UT Pro Tennis Tour.

UT has a Code of Conduct and Rules and Regulations which can be found below:

PTT Code of Conduct_Final_July 20_2021.docx.pdf

PTT Rules and Regulations_Final_July 20 2021.docx.pdf

If you have any questions about the above or would like to report something please send an email to: ptt@universaltennis.com

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