Posting Scores- Dual Match (School vs School)

UTR Sports for High School Dual Match Reporting System will allow you to:

  • Create a dual match with both team line-ups
  • Report all match scores
  • Post the final team score

We've also published a Power 6 rating for all high schools to enable comparison across teams.

Note: You can't post scores if the opposing team hasn't activated their team page or set up their roster.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: From your high school's page, select Create Event.

Haven't activated your school yet? As a coach, you can start the process here

Step 2: Select the event type, in this case, we will select Dual Match.

Step 3: Search for your opponent.

Note: Can't locate your opponent's school in search? Invite the coach to activate their school. Search for the school name and enter the Coach's email. They will receive instructions on how to complete the process so you can complete your Dual Match event.

Step 4: Found your opponent's school? Great! Set the Date and Time of the Dual Match and be sure to select which school will be hosting the event (Home Team).

Note: Check out our rules on Verified events in the blue square or click here.

Step 5: Click Create!

Step 6: From here you can enter the matches, add additional matches, add doubles matches, add additional lineups, and enter scores. You can come back to this page anytime during the event to enter matches as they happen, or all at once following the event. (Publish the event once it has concluded.)

Step 7: Enter the final match score and click Publish!

Note: This event will remain hidden until published. Once the event is completed and published, the opposing coach will be notified and can make edits. Matches will also appear on each player's profile once the Dual Match is published. 

Need help activating your school or getting started? Reach out to us here.

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