How does UTR Sports work with Tennis Australia?

Tennis Australia has been a strategic partner with UTR Sports since January 2019. We’re excited to have grown with this association and add more Tennis Australia results to the profiles on our site! Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How are Tennis Australia results added to UTR Sports profiles? 

We run a weekly import of all Tennis Australia results that are submitted to us every Wednesday. If the results aren’t imported within this time feel free to reach out to us. Bonus Tip: If the results aren’t reflected on the Tennis Australia site prior to Wednesday we suggest awaiting an additional week for the results to be reflected in your profile.

Do Tennis Australia results count towards Verified UTR Rating?

Yes, all Tennis Australia results count towards Verified UTR Rating as long as the opponent is within 2.00 UTR Rating and the results fall within the 30 most recent match results over the past 12 months.

Where do you import scores from?

Tennis Australia sanctioned tournament results posted on this site ( from the following categories: 

  • Junior Tour
  • Australian Money Tournament
  • Seniors
  • Junior Development Series
  • National Open Tournament
  • Club Championship

All Comp results are submitted to us by Tennis Australia via the API.

How do I create a account and activate my profile?

Click here to get started!

Missing a result from Tennis Australia? Send us a note here!

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