High School Standings

This enables coaches to group your conference/league together and have team records. High School team pages will include your conference/league on team pages with team records. 

Here's a guide on how to create a dual match, and designate whether it is or is not a league match:  

1. Choose "Create Event".

2. Choose "Official" when asked 'Is this an official High School event?'.

3. Choose "Dual Match".

4. Start typing in opponent school and select your opponent.

5. For the question "Should this dual match be grouped in your standings?"

  • Answer YES if teams should be grouped together in standings on your team page. 
  • Answer NO if teams will NOT be grouped together within the standings section on your team page and the dual match will only affect your overall record. 

Pro Tip: Those that answer “YES” will be grouped in standings together, with all other teams who have common opponents who are grouped together.

6. Enter the date, time, and location of the event.

7. Choose the individual match lineups by selecting each player from the team roster - note that only players who are on the team roster will appear in the drop-down.

8. Post scores for the individual dual matches, as well as the overall team score.

9. Before publishing results, be sure to declare the winner of the dual match using the checkbox!

10. Need to make an edit? Click the ellipsis to include or omit the match in Team Standings.

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