Manage and Create Conference

A conference is a group of sessions with common demographics such as locations, age, gender, and UTR range. 

To get started, click the “Create New Conference” button at the right. Creating a conference is divided into 3 sections: Conference Details, Conference Organizers, and Conference Audience.

1. Conference Details

This is where you’ll input your conference name, location, and a short description of your conference.

Note: The information written in this section is publicly displayed on the conference page. 

2. Conference Organizers

You are required to add at least one conference organizer from your club that can access and makes changes to the conference. To add, simply search for the profile name of the organizer. You can also remove an organizer by clicking “x” next to the name.

If you wish to add more, you can do so once under the Manage button once the conference has been created.

Note: The club provider who created the conference is not automatically assigned as the conference organizer.

3. Conference Audience

You can adjust the age, gender, and UTR range at your discretion. If you do not have any specific target of players, you can leave it as it is to have a broader range of age and UTR.

At any time, you can update your conference details and audience by clicking the Manage button and navigating over to the Details tab within your conference.

Note: If you need to add/remove an organizer, you can do so under the Organizer tab.

Looking at creating your session? You can check this article for step-by-step instructions.

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