UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League Rewards Program

Play UTR Sports Pickleball Flex Leagues - get rewarded & earn points toward hundreds of prizes! Click here to find your Rewards leaderboard.

Points Scoring System

Points will be earned for matches played during regular UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League sessions. City Championship matches do not count toward reward points.

How do I earn Reward Points?

Earn points by registering for UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League event sessions, completing your matches within the league, referring friends to the league, winning matches, and more!

  • 4 points for each league registration
  • 4 points for each match completed (with scores posted and confirmed)
  • 2 points for each match won
  • 2 points for early league registration (defined as at least 7 days prior to the league start date)
    • If a league start date is moved, that new start date will apply
  • 5 points for Social Media posts on Instagram or Facebook (Max 10 points)
    • Post must be a photo/video at one of your Pickleball Flex League matches using the tag @UTR_Sports and #PickleballFlexLeagues
    • i.e. photo of you and your opponent, match court, video of points, scoreboard, etc.
    • Players must submit their posts here in order to receive points
  • 5 points for each friend/family member you refer for a UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League. Must be a first-time Flex League player
    • You must submit your referral here to get credit

How are Rewards decided?

  1. Hitting 30 total points
  2. Hitting 60 total points

How is the leaderboard decided?

The leaderboard will be updated every Thursday

Is there a limit on how many points I can earn?

There is no limit on the number of points earned, however, players will ONLY earn rewards at 30 points, and at 60 points. Earning 90 points, for example, would not yield you an additional prize. 

Rewards prizes

30 Points: 

  • A free Fabletics item of your choice. Items may vary but players can expect items such as polos, shorts, shirts, skirts, hats, and more! You will also receive a Pickleball lapel pin with your order. 

60 Points: 

  • A new Selkirk Paddle, or workout set from Fabletics!

Rules & Regulations

  • Any player(s) that are reported to have purposely lost a match so an opponent can gain points will be subject to disqualification. 
  • The final date to play a match is 7 days after your current UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League session's end date. Any matches completed after this date will not count toward your points total.
  • UTR Sports has the right to make the final decisions on any and all UTR Sports Pickleball Flex League match rulings and situations that impact points distributions.

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