UTR Sports Pickleball Flex+ Pilot - Rules and Regulations

General League Information:

1. Commitment: We ask that if you sign up for a Pickleball Flex+ League you commit to playing all of your matches. Following through on your commitment to your local Pickleball Flex+ League will make it a fun and rewarding experience for you and your fellow players. 

2. League Options:

  • P1 (Beginner) - For players who have been playing for less than 6 months
  • P2/P3 (Intermediate) - For players who have proficient pickleball skills but aren't ready for the "top court"
  • P4 (Advanced) - Advanced players only

3. Cost: $29 per player, with a $5 Verified league fee for non-Power Player subscribers

4. Scoring Format: All matches must be best two out of three games to 11 points each, win by two points. Only the serving team or player may score a point. 

5. Player Divisions/Matchups: Each team or player will be placed into a group of 6 teams and assigned 2 matches per week (played back-to-back at the same location) over the course of the five-week league session. Makeup matches may be played but must be scheduled by teams at an independent time from the regular league. 

6. Matches for each division will take place on the same day and time each week unless otherwise noted. Please check your draw for 'Byes'. Check your event page for the match times. 

7. At the end of five weeks, the top four teams will play in a final four-team playoff in week six. The bottom two teams will not compete in the playoffs. This will be a semi-final and final bracket, with the two teams losing in the semi-finals playing a consolation match.

8. Guaranteed Matches: All players/teams will be guaranteed ten matches over five weeks unless a player withdraws from the league, is unresponsive, or there is a limited number of players registered at your level (UTR-P Rating). 

9. Reporting Match Scores: When your match is complete, the winning team must post the score using the "Post Score" option on the matchcard found on the Upcoming section of the mobile app or at UTRSports.net. We also recommend you get your opponent to confirm the score while still on-site after the match. 

10. Confirming Match Scores: Players have seven days to confirm or edit the score once posted. If no action is taken, the match will be automatically confirmed at the end of seven days. If a score is not able to be agreed upon by the player, please fill out this match protest form. The match outcome will then be decided by the team at UTRSports and/or the local Flex League Manager. 

Note: All Flex League match results must be entered and confirmed within one week after the league end date in order to be included in the session Standings. 

11. Withdrawal from a League: Players must provide a valid reason for withdrawal. No refund will be given for withdrawals that occur within less than 5 days of the event start date due to reservations of court time.

12. Finding your Match Schedule: League schedules are available after the league session start date and can be found within the Flex League event page under the "Matchups" tab. You can find your court assignment for each week under the "Schedule" tab. 

13. Standings: League Standings can be found by selecting the "Standings" tab where your matchups are shown on the event page. This will update automatically within one week from when your posted score is confirmed. 

14. Match Protests: You can formally submit a match protest here. This should be a last resort between you and your opponent. Three separate match protests against a player may result in a ban from participation in future UTR Sports Flex Leagues.

15. Prizes: All division winners will receive prizes for their Pickleball Flex League. 

16. Contact Information: You must be logged into the account of the player who is registered for the Flex League session in order to see the opponent's contact details. It will also be provided in a text message from your Flex League Manager after the start of the event session. 

17. Cancelling Matches: If you cannot make a match date, you have two options. Option one is to find a substitute player to play in your place, and the other option is to make up the match on a time and date convenient for you and your opponents. Courts will not be provided for makeup matches. 

18. Substitute rules: If your partner cannot play for one of the weeks, you may find a substitute. You must email flex@utrsports.com to get your sub added to the event. Up to one substitute match may count toward your Standings, but two or more will not count toward your final playoff Standings. Playing against a team with a substitute player with your original teammate will count toward your team's Standings as usual. 

Match Day Rules:

1. Show up on time: We ask that all players show up ten minutes prior to their scheduled match time. This should give all players enough time to check in and get to their courts. If you need additional time for other items, please arrive earlier.

2. Rain: Do not assume the match is canceled due to rain. If you don't show up and the courts are okay to play, you will receive a default

3. Line Calls: There are no officials on-site, players must call their own lines and scores. We expect the highest level of honesty and integrity. Flex League Managers reserve the right to disqualify you from the league if they receive three or more complaints. 

4. Warm-up: A three-minute warm-up is our recommendation. Please do not go over five minutes for your warm-up. 

5. Game Breaks: There should be up to a one-minute break between games of play. If players split sets, another one-minute break may be taken. Remember, there are no umpires, so we ask that you be courteous and do not go over the recommended times. 

6. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: We ask that you DO NOT play this league if you cannot act maturely and respectfully. If someone is not upholding these values, please utilize the Match Protest Form to report it to the Flex League Manager. Three individual reports and a player may be banned from the league and any future UTR Sports Flex Leagues. 

7. Coaching: No coaching is allowed during the Pickleball Flex Leagues at any time during the match, including if players split games. 

8. Hindrance: If there is a hindrance caused by a player (hat falls off, ball falls out of pocket, etc.), there will be one replay of the point. After the second offense, the point goes to the opposing player. If there is any sort of hindrance from outside the court (a ball from another court rolls in), please replay the point. 

9. Filming: Filming matches is allowed only if you have obtained written permission from your opponent in advance. 

10. Late: Players have fifteen minutes from the agreed-upon match time to show up. After fifteen minutes, the match will be recorded as a default. However, as the court is booked for your match, you can still use any remaining time to play for fun if the opposing team shows up later and you are still there. 

11. No Show: If a player does not show up to a scheduled match, this will go on their record as a default. 

12. Leaving the Court/Bathroom Breaks: You may only leave the court during a Flex League match to use the bathroom or get treatment for an injury, such as a bandaid. We ask that you try to save your bathroom breaks for game breaks unless an emergency. You may not leave the court during a Flex League match for any other circumstances. If you do, your opponent has the right to submit the match as a default.

13. Injury Breaks: Players may take an injury timeout, up to five minutes for an injury. If another extended timeout is needed for the same injury, we ask that you default the match. At the same time, players can choose to give their opponents as long as needed for injuries if they would like to continue the match. 

14. Incomplete Matches: If your match is not completed, it will go in our system as an incomplete match, but your games won may still count toward your overall Standings. 

15. Time between matches: If your match goes until the end of the hour, we ask that you move as quickly as possible to the next court so all teams still have the full hour for match number two.  

Playoff Rules & Regulations:

1. There will be a playoff in week six for the top four teams in each group.

2. At the end of the league session, the top four teams will be notified of their playoff status and court assignments for the playoffs. The match time and location will be the same unless otherwise notified. 

3. Your playoff bracket will consist of a four-team bracket with all players starting in the semi-finals.

4. The two semi-final winners will meet in the finals, with the losers competing in a consolation match during hour number two. 

5. The same rules and regulations that apply to regular league event matches will apply to season playoff matches. 

6. Pickleball Flex League Managers have the final say in all playoff decisions. 

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