How do I set my child up with an account?

It’s great that you want to use UTR Sports with your kids, here are a few key pointers to get started!

  • UTR Sports is built around the Profiles; this is the webpage that can show a player's history, picture, preferences, etc.
  • Profiles are activated by a user who can customize and manage all aspects of this Profile.
  • Each player requires their own account at and their own unique email login (Example: if you’re a family with three tennis-loving kids, each child will need their own account and own email.
  • This is especially important for players participating in UTR Sports Events as the player profile is what's used to register them for their tournament.

Hint: Free email addresses to create accounts can be made at sites like,

Steps To Create Your Child’s Account:

Step 1: Go to or download our mobile app and click Join or Get Started.

Step 2: Sign up with your child's email address (so they can manage their profile as they grow up). Create your password and keep it somewhere safe.
Important: Each child requires their own unique email account and cannot be shared with other accounts.

Step 3: Complete the fields to build your child's profile. Be sure to use the child's information for all fields.

Important: Enter your child's birthdate, not your own. Entering correct information will allow the system to identify the child's results and details rather than yours, the parent.

Step 4: Once the system recognizes that the entered birthdate renders the child 13 years of age or less, the option to enter the parent's personal email address will pop up. This will allow the parent to receive an email copy of the child's account. 

Note: This pop-up message is only available when signing up via a web browser.

Step 5: Answer two basic questions such as the intent of the account (player, parent, coach, and/or event organizer) and the sports play (tennis and/or pickleball) to claim/create the player profile.

Step 6: You'll be prompted to answer the Get Rated questionnaire/s to populate the child's UTR Pickleball rating. This rating will be a provisional rating and will automatically update into a UTR rating once the player starts adding matches to the profile. Note: You can skip this step by clicking "I'll do this later" below the Continue button.

Step 7: Click Finish and complete the player profile. 

What happens if there are profiles under my kid's name from the Search results? 

You (or your child) could already have a player profile at - now you need to activate it. Click "Claim Profile" on the information that matches you and activates your profile. 

If you see a message that says the profile has already been activated, STOP!

 This normally isn't a case of a bandit grabbing up your profile - typically another family member made a profile for your kid and is a step ahead. You can do one of the following:

  • Ask your family members if they activated the profile and request the login information and continue to use the UTR Sports account that has activated the profile.
  • Contact our support team for help activating the profile and linking it to the correct login information.

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