How do I set my child up with an account?

It’s great that you want to use Universal Tennis with your kids, here are a few key pointers to get started!

  • Universal Tennis is built around the Profiles; this is the webpage that can show a player's history, their picture, their preferences etc.
  • Profiles are activated by a user who can customize and manage all aspects of this Profile.
  • Each player requires their own account at and own unique email login (Example: if you’re a family with three tennis-loving kids, each child will need their own account and own email.)
  • This is especially important for players participating in Universal Tennis Events as the player profile is what's used to register them for their tournament.

Hint: Free email addresses to create accounts can be made at sites like,

Ready to get started? Parents or guardians must complete this process on behalf of their child.

Follow These Steps To Create Your Child’s Account:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click Join and sign up with your child's email address (so they can manage their profile as they grow up). Hint: Each child requires their own unique email account - free email addresses can be found at sites like and
Step 3: Fill out the fields with the information of your child as this process is building their profile.

Step 4: Input their correct birthday.

Step 5: Agree that you are a parent entering information for your player under 13.

Step 6: Click Continue as a Player

Now you are ready to register for your first event! Click here to find events in your area.

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