FAQ: The New (2021) Universal Tennis iOS App!

FAQ: Universal Tennis iOS App

Q: Who can download the app?

A: The app is available in the US App Store for iPhone. It will be available internationally and on Android in the future.

Q: Who’s the app for?

A: Everyone! The Universal Tennis iOS app streamlines the steps to get you on the court and competing with players are your level. Tennis will be at your fingertips—improve, connect, and enjoy the game.

Q: How can Providers utilize the app?

A: The app is a great way to communicate with your players via the Messaging tool. We recommend all Providers download the app so they can review how their clubs and events look to players. Providers cannot manage/create/edit events on the app - stick to universaltennis.com for that. 
Note: Create Play and Paid Hits can be created from the + button within the app.

Q: I already have the app, why doesn’t it load?

A: In 2018, we released an iOS app. The app was discontinued in 2020 while we took time to create a much-improved version. Please delete the old app and download the new (LINK).

Q: I’m having issues with my app, what do I do?

A: Most issues are fixed by updating the app. You can set your iPhone to automatically update your apps -follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap App Store

  3. Turn on App Updates

Q: I have feedback about the app - who do I send it to?

A: You’re in the right place! Hit “Submit a Question” at the top of your screen and we’ll get your feedback to the right people.

If you want to learn about more of the new features that come with the iOS app, click here

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