How to add college tournament results in UTR Sports

The UTR Sports College team has made college matches to reach our site easily. College tournament results are now brought in from the school websites directly into!

All you need to do is to have the results posted on the Schedule page on your college website and that the following information is visible:

  • Full names of the winning and losing player(s)
  • The respective college names of the players
  • The full score

Sample Tournament format

Your scores will be posted to our website within 7 days of the event end date. This is the official way to get your college scores on and ensure that they count for the verified ratings of college players across the country. 

If the scores are not reflected after the 7 days or notice an incorrect score, send us a note and we'll dive right in!

If you find any discrepancy with your college roster or matches, feel free to reach out and we'll dive into it!

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