How do I add/remove coaches on my college team homepage?

Head Providers are able to add or remove coaches at any time to make sure that the college homepage is up to date! 

Need to add a coach? Follow the few steps below in order to add a coach to your team page.

1. First, add the coach as a provider to your team page. To do so, click the "More Options" vertical three-dots button and select "Add Organizer".

2. Once they have been added as a provider, you can then list them as a coach. To manage your coaches, click on the overview tab on your college homepage and select "Manage Coaches" on the far right side of the screen.

3. Here you are able to add a coach by selecting their name from the club member drop-down and their role on the team. Click "Add Coach" at the bottom of the page to add them to the home page!

Have a change in your staff and need to remove a coach? Simply click on "Manage Coaches" on the right side of the screen and select the coach you would like to remove. Once selected, click "Remove Selected Coach" and the coach will no longer be shown on your college homepage!

Congrats, you now know how you can add and remove coaches on your college homepage!

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