Power 6

What's the Power 6? 

Our Power 6 is calculated by adding up the individual verified UTR Ratings of the 6 highest, most reliably-rated players on a team, and then showing the exact Power 6 including the two decimals. The Power 6 will consider a lower-rated player over a higher-rated one if the lower-rated player's UTR Rating is more reliable

(Something to note – Although college teams have more than six players on their rosters, only six players play in the singles lineup for each team in college tennis events, hence the Power 6!)

How is it used?

Coaches use Power 6 to compare team lineups and estimate how competitive dual matches will be. Power 6 also helps them with scheduling team matches for the season.

Players can use Power 6 to estimate how their skill levels compare to those of their opponents and can use this knowledge to prepare for some tight matches.

Recruits can see how their skill levels compare to current players on college teams using Power 6, which can help them to determine which teams might be a good fit for them.

Fans can use Power 6 for a more accurate assessment of skill between players and get a much better estimate than mere guessing allows of whether upcoming matches will be tight. This allows them to have a sense -- in advance -- of whether an event will be a blowout or a real nail-biter! 

Pro Tip: Click on a College's Roster Tab to see their players, Power 6, and current Power 6 Spread

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