How do I post my Flex League scores?

You can post your Flex League scores directly from your Dashboard while logged into your UTR Sports profile!

To start, log in to and click on the '+' button near the top-right corner of the page:

Choose the correct matchup or Flex League event:

Enter the scores from your match, and click 'Post Score':

Once the score is posted, the opposing player has up to 7 days to confirm or deny the match score. If no action is taken, the match will be automatically confirmed at the end of 7 days. If a match is denied, an email to your Flex League Manager will be needed to explain why you denied the match. If the score is inaccurate, please reach out to your opponent. If you can’t agree on the score please fill out our match protest form

Pro Tip: Scores should be posted by the winning player and we recommend you get your opponent to confirm the score on the UTR Sports site as they may not be able to confirm through the mobile app.

Want to learn more about the UTR Sports Flex League? Check out the full rules and regulations here!

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