How do Challenge Matches work?

Challenge matches allow you to challenge any player in the league to an extra match. They can be used to play more than the four guaranteed league matches or in place of an unresponsive opponent after you have exhausted all methods of contact to set up a match. 

Keep in mind, that for a match to be considered competitive and count toward your Verified UTR, you must be within a 2.00 rating range of your opponent (in either direction). 

To challenge another player to an extra match, reach out to them via the UTR Message system or their preferred contacts listed on the league grouping. Once they have accepted, send an email to and our team will add the matchup to the 'Challenge Match' grouping for you to post the results once completed. 

Challenge Match Rules: 

1. You may only challenge once you have completed all 4 matches or have exhausted all outlets to get in touch with your 4 opponents.

2. Challenge matches must be submitted to

3. Your Flex League Manager has the right to deny a challenge match if you have not completed at least 2 of your regularly scheduled matches or do not have proof of unresponsive opponents.

4. Challenge matches do not count toward your division standings or season playoff eligibility.

5. Challenge matches must be played during the league dates listed on the event title.

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