How to Register for a UTR Sports Event

To register for an event, you'll first need to sign onto or download the UTR Sports Mobile App. (If you don't already have an account on, you'll need to create one and activate your profile.)

Pro Tip:  Make sure you sign in using the account of the player you wish to register! For example, parents or guardians should make sure they're signed in with their child's account, rather than their own. (For more info, check out I'm Trying to Register My Child.)

Step 1 (Website): Once you're signed in, you can search for events by clicking on the Search Bar found in the top center of the homepage and choosing the black All Events button:

Step 1 (Mobile App): Once you're signed in, you can search for events by tapping the Search icon, or magnifying glass icon, found on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2 (Website): You'll be taken to our Find Events page where you can narrow down your search by location, date range, event series, type, Verified Events, Prize Money, and more:

Step 2 (Mobile App): Select what you are searching for: Events, Paid Hits, Flex Leagues, etc. You can then narrow down your search by location, date range, event series, type, Verified Events, Prize Money, and more:

Pro tip: Drag your fingers over the filters to reveal additional options that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Step 3 (Website): To learn more about an event, click on the event's name in your list of search results to be taken to its page. Click the Division tab to display all the available division and their information. Pro-tip: Utilize the filter (gender, type, age, rating, date) based on your preference.

Step 3 (Mobile App): Scroll and tap on the event to learn more about it. Tap on the event's name in your list of search results to be taken to its page. When you find an event you'd like to play in, scroll down at the bottom page to locate the divisions:

Step 4 (Website and Mobile App): Select the division or divisions that you would like to register for and then continue to pay. You may be asked a small number of questions the Club Provider needs to know for the event. Select the division(s) you'd like to register for and ensure the player's name is shown at the top of the division list like Quinn Ca is here.

Website view:

Mobile App view:

Pro Tip: There are three ways to register for doubles events, depending on how the organizer has set up the event:

Option 1: Need Partner - players will register individually and the event provider will pair with other partners. 

Option 2: Pay Separately - When doubles teams register individually, each partner will register alone and pay for their own portion of the entry fee (if there is one). The event provider will pair players up when creating draws.

Option 3: Pay as Teams - In this scenario, one of the partners will register both team members and pay the total entry fee. Depending on whether your partner already has a profile, you'll either find your partner or you'll invite your partner if he or she is new to UTR Sports:

If you invite your partner, make sure he or she accepts their invitation and creates an account at! Once they do, they'll appear on the registered player's list.

Friendly reminder: This is a great time to upgrade to become a Power Player! Save on every Verified Event you register for, see detailed analytics on players, and more.

Note: Service fees are applied per event check out and vary per country.

Complete payment and you are all set! You'll get a receipt and confirmation that you are registered for the event. If you are using the Mobile App to register, consider using Apple Pay for faster checkout!

Have trouble registering for an event?

We have found the easiest way to access our site is through Google Chrome. If you're already using a laptop or desktop and Google Chrome, clearing your browser history and cookies can be helpful when experiencing registration obstacles. Please follow the links below that have information on how to do this:

If you're having additional roadblocks with registration, as a last resort, sometimes using a different form of payment can do the trick. If not, no worries, please reach out to us here and we can help further.

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