FAQ: Junior Circuits

Q: Do Junior Circuits count for my Verified UTR rating?

A: Yes! All Junior Circuit events, including Qualifiers and District Slams, count for your verified UTR rating.

Q: What is a Junior Circuit Qualifier?

A: Junior Circuit Qualifiers are one or two-day singles tournaments in which you are guaranteed at least two matches in your UTR level division (Red, Orange, Green, 1-2.99, and 3-4.99). Participating in these events makes you eligible for that Season's District Slam. These events are titled "District Name + Season + Qualifier + UTR Level" i.e., Chicago - Spring Junior Circuits Qualifier UTR 1-4.99.

Q: What is a District?

A: A cluster of clubs (usually within a 30-mile radius) running Junior Circuit Qualifiers.

Q: How do I know which area is my District?

A: Your District is ideally the events closest to your hometown. You may play events in any District and all events will count towards your participating number of qualifiers.

Q: How often are District Slams? How do I qualify?

A: There are 3 District Slams a year that end each season: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Playing at least 3 Qualifiers in the season gives you priority registration for the District Slam. Slam dates may vary slightly based on district location.

Q: What is a GRIT score?

A: GRIT stands for Growth, Resilience, Integrity, and Tenacity. The UTR Sports Junior Circuits GRIT leaderboard displays a national ranking list of the Top 100 players based on their GRIT points earned throughout the year.

Q: Why should I play in District Slam?

A: Join the end-of-season championship to win fun prizes and take the season champion title!

Q: How do I find events in my area?

A: Method 1: Head to https://www.utrsports.net/pages/junior-circuits and scroll to your region then click "find events".

Method 2: Log in to your UTR profile and click inside the search bar then select "Junior Circuit" pill. You can use the filter events by the desired location.

Q: Can I play in a UTR higher division?

A: You must register for the UTR division in which your rating falls at the time of entry. If you are within 0.10 of the next highest division (e.g., UTR 2.90 wanting to play in UTR 3-4.99) - you may email the tournament director to see if you can play up. Color ball players who have reached the last stage of their rating color can inquire about playing a level up as well.

Q: Are there Doubles Junior Circuit events?

A: As of now, Junior Circuit events only consist of singles tournaments.

Q: How do I keep track of my Qualifier events?

A: Your results tab on your player profile will show which events you have played. You can add up the number of events in a District for that season. UTR Sports tracks your number of Qualifiers per season as well.

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