Players Group and Create Play

Let's get started- Invite your friends to join your Players Group!

In our new UTR Sports mobile app, tap on the Settings gear in the top right corner of the screen once you've logged in. This gear is visible on your profile tab.

From the settings page, tap My Groups. You'll see two folders. My Player Group and My Past Opponents.

You can invite people to join your Players Group in two ways:

  • Create an event and share the link, once players confirm they will be added to your group. 
  • Tap on the My Player Group folder and invite players directly. Tap the Share button and share your link via text, email, or Messages. 

Anyone that confirms will appear here and when you Create Play, you'll be able to invite them in a snap. 

Let's Create Play:
Tap the + button at the top right of your home feed tab. Tap Create Play.

Select the type of play you'd like to have, Singles, Doubles, or Mixed Doubles, along with the event location and sport type (tennis or pickleball). You can also edit the event name by tapping 'Edit' to the left of the name automatically given to your event.

Select the Game Type:

  • Play Competitive Sets: play and post scores that count toward each player's UTR Rating
  • Play Recreational Sets: practice sets with no plans to post scores
  • Rally: invite your friends to have a little fun, no structure of scores is needed

Now, let's invite your Players Group. Tap on the blue + bottom and invite your Player Group.

Tap My Players Group to see the list of players that have joined your Player Group list or tap My Past Opponents to invite anyone you've recently played with. 

Anyone you select from the list will get an invitation sent directly to them as soon as you finish creating the event. Once you've completed all your event details, tap Create in the top right.

Pro tip: Create will glow in blue and can be tapped only when all required event details have been entered.

Congrats! You've created your first Create Play event. Tap the Share button to get the word out!

Haven't downloaded the new UTR Sports mobile app yet? Click here.

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