Guidelines for Club, Profile, or Event Photos

What is the best size of the photo for my club, profile, or event?

You can follow the sizing guidelines below:

Club Banner: Desktop: 1680 x 448 

Club Profile Image: Desktop: 120 x 120

Club's Sponsor Image: Desktop: 48 x48

Player Profile Photo: Desktop: 120 x 120

Event Banner: Desktop: 1584 x 866

Note: Unauthorized use of copywritten images and names is not permitted and will be removed.

How do I Change the Banner for My Event?

Go to your event page and click the "Edit Banner" icon in the bottom-left corner of the default picture and click "Upload".

Next, select the photo on your computer you want to upload. Format the size of the photo by dragging the toggle back and forth. Select "Save" to update the new photo for your event page. 

To remove the banner, you'll need to click "Edit Banner" first, and the "Remove" option will pop up 

Note: Please make sure that the photo is in jpeg file format.

Having trouble uploading the images on your profile or club? Send us a note and we'll assist you!

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