Saved List Feature

The Saved Lists Feature allows you to track or follow players and schools on

You can check this by clicking the profile icon once you log in to your account. Make sure that you have activated your account. Click here for help in activating your player profile.

Once you are on the saved list page, you can start saving lists of players and schools. You can categorize your list, add players/schools, and remove players/schools.

To create a new list, click the black + in the left-hand corner of the page, this will open up a "Create List" screen, you can name your list anything you’d like and then click "Save".

To access your created Saved Lists, click on the dropdown menu. If you want to delete a list, click on the grey "x" next to the list.

To add a player/school to any of your lists, type their corresponding name, and their profile/page will populate. The list is automatically sorted by alphabetical order. You can utilize how you'd like to arrange your list in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrow next to its category name.

Hint: The ability to sort players/schools is only available right now on a laptop/desktop.

If you want to view the profile page of one of your saved players simply click on the name of the player in your list and you will be automatically taken to their profile page.

Note that this awesome feature is available for Power Players. Want to know more about Power? Click here for more details.

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