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This article is relevant for Club Providers. You can now post scores for your members right from your club page.

A few things to know before you get started:

  1. In order to post scores, both players must already be members of your digital club.  
  2. Scores can be posted that count toward a player's UTR Rating, but not Verified UTR Rating, or toward no rating at all.

Great, let's get started!

Once logged in to your account, click your profile icon on the right-hand side of the screen to open the Main Menu and find your club under Clubs and Teams.

 Once on your Club page, click Post a Score which is found near the upper left-hand side of your Club page.

You'll now see the screen to post scores - add your Tennis or Pickleball scores here! Remember, players who have logged into their accounts at will appear here when you search for their names.

Note: If either of the players doesn't appear, it is likely because they are not a member of your digital club and you are not able to post scores for them.

While on the Post Scores page, you can choose Tennis or Pickleball scores, singles or doubles players, specify the match outcome, and select if the match counts toward the player's UTR Ratings. You'll also adjust the date the match was played.

Once you post the score, it will appear on the player profiles within a few minutes and their UTR Rating will update within 24 hours.

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