Community Groups

Community Groups provide a space for all players to search for, join, or create a group within their community. Whether it is private or public, players can leverage the Groups feature to find level-based play opportunities and enhance their connections with other players.

To get started, navigate to your UTR Sports mobile app. You'll see the "Communities" at the bottom tab bar. Within the Communities page, you'll see:

A) Find a group: directs users to the ‘Search groups’ screen

B) My communities: displays specific communities the user is a member of

C) Communities near you: shows different community groups near the user. This can be filtered by type: groups, clubs, colleges, high schools

Find a Group

If you have a specific group you want to look for or join, you can locate it by tapping the Find a Group button at the top of the Communities page. Here you can utilize the filter by sports type, location, and or radius. Once you tap on the community group you're looking for, click "Join Group" to be a member.

Note: To leave a group, tap the "Joined" button and "Yes, leave group".

Create a Group

Users can create their community group. Within the Communities page, click the Create a Group button at the top.

To get started with creating your community group, you'll be asked to provide some basic information such as the name, sport, location, and description of your group. Once you've entered this information, you can proceed to add a cover photo for your community. You have the option to either choose from pre-uploaded photos or upload your own photo.

After creating your group, you will have the option to invite members and make your first group post. If you wish to skip this step, simply tap the "Skip" button below.

Note: You can change your group from Public to Private once but cannot update from Private to Public.

Congrats! You have created your own Community Group!

Create an Event

As a Group Organizer, you have the option to create an event. To get started, simply click on the "Create Event" button that can be found on your Community Group's landing page. 

Next, you will need to assign a name to your event and indicate the type of sport for it. Once you have set these details, you can provide additional information about the event such as:

  • Tennis activity level: yellow ball or colored ball
  • Play format: Singles, Doubles, Dingles
  • Play type:
  • Rating range
  • Event date and time
  • Location
  • Event photo (optional)
  • Invite players (optional)

Awesome! You have now created your Community Group Event!

Moderator (Group Organizer)

As a group organizer, you can ban and unban members and report inappropriate content (groups, events, posts, comments) from the Community Group.

Note: Contents against our Player and Provider Guidelines will be flagged and removed automatically.

To ban members, click the 3 dots on the right side of the player you wish to ban then tap "Ban Player". Tap "Ban" from the pop-up to confirm. Once done, a notification will appear to confirm the action made.

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